School Zoo Adventure

A WebQuest for First Grade Students


By: Kara K. Sweger

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Animals are all around us. Learning about animals is important for understanding our world. Knowing about the foods, habitats, body coverings and movements of animals can help us care for and protect the animals of our world.



Your assignment is to help choose the animals for our new school zoo.

You will work with a team of classmates to learn about the different types of animals that we should have in our zoo.

Each group member will search for information about one of the types of animals.

You will use the information you learn about your animal to create a model zoo exhibit.

You should also be ready to convince your classmates that your animal must be in the zoo.





Arctic Animal Links

Arctic Wildlife-click here for information about arctic animals that live on land.

Arctic and Its Animals-click here for another link to arctic animals.

Arctic Animal Trading Cards-learn about arctic animals by reading information in trading card format.

Ask Jeeves for Kids-click here to ask a question about your animal.

Check out these books:

Marcia S. Freeman, Polar Bears, 1999.

Kathy Darling, Arctic Babies, 1996.

Merebeth Switzer, Our Wildlife World, Penguins, 1988.

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Desert Animal Links

Desert Animals and Wildlife-facts about many desert animals(you may need help reading at this site).

The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens-take an on-line tour of this zoo and learn about desert animals.

The Desert Biome-click here for more desert animal facts.

Ask Jeeves for Kids-click here to ask a question about your animal.

Check out these books:

Christopher Nicholas, Lizards, 2000.

Kathy Darling, Desert Babies, 1997.

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Rainforest Animal Links

Check out these books:

Kathy Darling, Rainforest Babies, 1996.

Lynn Stone, Animals of the Rainforest, 1994.

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Ocean Animal Links

Check out these books:

Kathy Darling, Seashore Babies, 1997.

Illa Podendorf, Animals of the Sea and Shore, 1982.

Adele D. Richardson, Dolphins, Fins, Flippers, and Flukes, 2001.

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Woodland Animal Links

Check out these books:

Joanne Ryder, Animals in the Woods, 1987.

David Schwartz, In the Forest, 1998.

Michael Chinery, Questions and Answers About Forest Animals, 1994.

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All of your work on this WebQuest project will be a part of the evaluation. You can view the rubric that will be used for grading your project. Print a copy if you would like to look at it while you are working.

Click here to see and print the rubric.


Learning about animals and their needs is important for all people. When we know about the food and homes that animals need we can help protect them. I hope you enjoyed working on this WebQuest. I also hope you learned about some new and interesting animals. If you would like to learn more about animals, or just do some fun animal crafts and activities, check out the the websites listed below.

Sea Life Crossword Puzzle - Have fun and test your knowledge of ocean animals.

Ocean Animals Activities for Kids - Click here for ocean animal crafts and other activities.

Rainforest Activities and coloring book - Go to this site for stories, coloring pages, and other activities.

Blackdog's On-line Zoo Activities - Great on-line zoo animal learning games at this site.

Columbus Zoo Kid's Page - Click here for zoo games, coloring, and other activities.




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